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SADES SA808 Stereo Gaming Headset Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: This gaming headset is a great budget gaming headset! Good sound quality, pretty comfortable, has a microphone, and a great price!!


  • Sound quality- The sound quality is awesome, clear and really immersive! Good amount of bass and great for everyday gaming!
  • Computer compatibility- The headset has a stereo 3.5mm setup which means that it has two 3.5mm plugs (red and green) that you have to plug in to get audio and microphone capability. This is good for using on laptops which usually have two 3.5mm outputs, one for audio and one for chat. However, if your laptop doesn’t have two 3.5mm or you want to use this for a gaming console like xbox one or ps4, then you will need an adapter. The USB is just used to provide power to the headset (light it up).
  • Comfort- the headphones are pretty comfortable. I wore them for like 3 hours and I was still fine. They have cushions on the top of the headset.
  • Design- The headphones are well-designed and look nice!
  • Microphone- The microphone on the headset works well! Others could hear my voice well and didn’t report any problems
  • Can control the volume and mute function
  • Price- One of the best aspects of this headphone is the price! This is a great gaming headset for the price!


  • None that I could discern. Great headphones for the price!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

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