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42 BEES Slant Tip Tweezers Review and Giveaway – Habitual Reviews

Everybody needs a good quality set of tweezers and now you can finally get your chance as their is a giveaway for a free 42 BEES Slant Tip Tweezers! Enter at the bottom:
The 42 BEES Slant tip tweezers is a great, high-quality set of tweezers. Comes packaged in a handy PVC tube which is perfect for keeping the tweezers in your purse or bag. Is also very handy for keeping the tweezers clean, I don’t like it when my items are in the open air getting all dusty and germy.
About the tweezers themselves, they have stainless steel tips at a 42 degree angle. This makes it a perfect angle to get super close to your skin and pluck out those pesky small hairs that are super annoying. The tips are also pretty sharp with 0.4mm thin tips. The eyebrow comb at the end is definitely extremely handy for eyebrows so you can get that perfect look! The versatile design makes it perfect for all the other uses you may have for a tweezer such as ingrown hairs or different parts of your body besides your face. Overall, great set of tweezers!
* I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review
You can get your own pair of these tweezers by entering through the link below:

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