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QUENCHiT Insulated 500 mL Stainless Steel Water Bottle/Thermos with Tea Strainer Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: This water bottle/thermos is legitimately the best of both worlds! This thing has a great leak-proof seal and is perfect for both cold and hot drinks and the added tea strainer just gives it endless possibilities! Want flavored water, just throw some fruit in there and wala! Or do you want tea, either hot or cold, well with this, you can definitely do that! Much better then just those other infusion water bottles which are only good for having fruit infused water. This one can do fruit infused water, plus tea, and can do anything hot or cold!


  • Leak proof seal and build quality- Let me start by saying that this is one tough built water bottle/thermos! It has a good amount of weight to it and the leak proof seal is no joke! It seals super tight and and the whole bottle has a really cool metal feel to it!
  • Double Wall Insulation- The insulation on this bottle rocks because of the double wall design! It is great for both cold and hot drinks and will keep them cold/hot up to 24 hours which is pretty freaking impressive! Do you want to keep your soup hot so you can eat it during lunch break? Then just put the soup in the thermos and you’re good to go! You want to drink iced coffee or iced tea throughout the hot summer days? Then just put it in this and you’ll be feeling cool all day!
  • Tea Strainer- The added tea strainer in this thing is awesome because it leads to a great number of possibilities with this water bottle! You can make fruit infused water by just adding in a couple of your favorite fruits (there’s a bunch of recipes online), put the tea strainer on top, and now no more regular water! Now you can enjoy that high-quality, flavorful water which is great for dieters and just regular hydration! You can also have quality brewed tea in this water bottle by just adding your favorite type of tea leaves or tea bags to the water bottle, add water (either cold or hot depending on how you like it), put the tea strainer on top and you’re good to go! I personally like iced tea and this water bottle makes it perfect for me!
  • Good size- This water bottle can accommodate 17.5 ounces which is pretty decent sized! 
  • Durable- As mentioned earlier, this has a very professional feel to it and is made to be durable! If it drops, no problem!


  • Nothing that I could come up with! This water bottle/thermos is pretty awesome! Just some things to note is that it is hand wash only!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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  1. Bill Camidge

    Very informative post! Choosing a water bottle with a nozzle may be ideal for situations when you need to drink on the go. You won’t be sloshing and spilling while trying to sip out of a wide-mouth bottle.

  2. Agustin Okerson

    I whack the jar on the edge of the counter. I had not realized until a few days ago that my inability to open jars was actually carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought I was simply wimp – or dainty, depending on your perspective.


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