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Mercimall Wooden Watch Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: This watch is definitely one of those novelty watches that sets you apart! The wooden finish makes it very unique and it is extremely lightweight! It is practical as an everyday watch,  it has a quartz style movement, and definitely sets you apart!


  • Unique design- I am definitely one of those guys that are too into watches! I love collecting them, wearing them, and I own like 30 watches so far. What sets this watch apart from the other watches is the unique wooden design that it has. It goes with this “earth-y” theme and trends that are currently happening.
  • Hipster look- since this is a pretty retro style looking watch I can definitely imagine hipsters wearing this and bragging about biodegradable and that metal watches are so harmful to the environment and stuff.
  • Quartz movement- the quartz movement just means that this battery uses batteries to power itself and has a “tick-tock” kind of movement.
  • Extremely lightweight- Seriously, this is the lightest watch I have owned


  • Wrist strap- as others have mentioned, the wrist strap does feel a bit flimsy.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

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