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Kommendable Wii U Pro Wireless Controller Review – Habitual Reviews

***To see fixes for common problems, scroll down! Also, this controller does NOT work with Minecraft (because of stupid third-party compatibility the game is having) and obviously Mario Party because mario party requires a motion controller. Do research on whether a Pro controller is compatible with your game before purchasing (should be common knowledge)!
Overall: This controller is awesome and is a great quality build for a third-party controller! The build quality is superb, the controller looks and feels like the original controller, buttons are responsive, joysticks are sturdy and fluid, move around just like the original, it syncs properly, and the rechargeable battery is pretty long lasting! Reading other people’s reviews of this controller just makes me realize that mostly everybody leaving bad reviews either don’t know how to work the controller or it is their own fault.


  • Works perfectly- This controller works just like the regular Nintendo Pro Controller does! Whatever games the Pro controller works with, this controller works with as well (Minecraft being an exception). Perfect for Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart! The controller also syncs the same way as the Pro controller with the red button in the back
  • Build Quality- I have used a lot of third party controllers in my years as a gamer and some of them are terrible and barely usable, and some are superb and work flawlessly just like the original controllers. This Kommendable controller is high on that superb and work flawlessly category! The controller feels sturdy, looks and feels the same as the original controller when compared side-to-side. Definitely one of the best third-party controllers I have tried.
  • Responsive buttons- All of the buttons and triggers have solid response times and are built just like the original controller, nothing out of the ordinary here. All the buttons work like normal.
  • Fluid and tight joysticks- The joysticks are fluid when moved and what I mean by tight is that they do swiftly return to the center position ( the joysticks are tighter then 360 or ps3 joysticks) and are just like the original controller!
  • Rechargeable battery – The battery definitely seems to hold its charge and lasts me quite a while (and I play a crap load). Seems to be exactly comparable to the original controller!
  • Price- Ofcoarse, one of the main benefits of buying a third party controller is that they save you $$$ while you still get the same features and benefits (considering its a good quality controller which I would say this is) .
  • Included charging cable- The controller charges with a Mini USB – B cable which is a pretty standard cable that charges most cameras, mp3 players, ps3 controllers, and a bunch of other things (I’m pretty sure you already have one lying around the house). One thing to note is that the charging cable is pretty short


  • The controller itself works perfectly and no cons about it! The only thing worth noting is that the charging cable is short, good enough for charging, but not charging while playing.

**Fixes for 99% of reported problems in reviews
I was reading the problems other people that reviewed this controller had and it is just so frustrating that people don’t know how to use the controller so here are a bunch of fixes off the top of my head. A MAJORITY of these problems are purely psychological because people bought a controller for cheaper then the original price so if they find anything that’s inconvenient, they immediately blame the controller rather then doing a quick google search and searching for a simple solution. All of these problems happen with the original Nintendo pro controller as well:
Problem: The game keeps moving/scrolling even though I am not moving the joystick :
The reason this happens is that when you synced the controller, or started the game, quitting a game, going to the menu or did any major task in the Wii U, your joysticks were moved and not in neutral position. AKA, you had your joysticks in the down position when you synced the controller, so now when the joystick is in the middle position, your game keeps scrolling up.
Easy Fix: You have to reset the controllers. Press “A”, “B”, “+”, and “-” buttons down all at the same time for atleast three seconds. There is no way to check if the controllers have been reset/recalibrated, but it should work and the problem stops. If you’re still having problems, reset your Wii U and make sure the joysticks are in neutral position when being synced.
“Problem”: No instruction manual provided with the controller:
Yes, there are no instruction manuals provided with the controller, but this isn’t even a problem. Barely any controllers come with instruction manuals!
Easy Fix: A quick google search. Search “Wii U Pro controller instruction manual” and the first PDF is the entire instruction manual for the Wii U. The Pro Controller is covered on Page 11 and Page 13 of the PDF.
Problem: The controller isn’t working:
Some people complained that their controller wasn’t working out of the box.
Easy Fix: Charge it. This may be obvious to most of you, but I guess its not. First thing you should do with any controller out of the box is charge it.
Problem: Controller isn’t charging:
I plugged the charging cable into the Wii U and the controller but it isn’t charging.
Easy Fix: Your console isn’t powered on. Your console has to be powered on for the controller to charge and you have to plug in both ends of the charging cable (one to the Wii U USB port, and one to the controller port). Even though the Wii U is the “recommended” charging source for the controller, you can still charge the controller with a regular charging port that has a USB input (like your iPhone/Android charging blocks or your laptop), just make sure to check the amps. If the controller doesn’t charge from the Wii U, try one of the other charging sources like the laptop or USB blocks.
Problem: Charging cable is too short/lost the charging cable:
Easy Fix: I can almost guarantee that most of you have this exact charging cable at home so just use that cable instead.
Problem: Joystick gets stuck and doesn’t return to the middle:
This is an extremely common problem for every controller, official xbox controllers, official playstation controllers, official wii u controllers. Every controller out there and there are thousands of youtube videos that solve this problem. This might have occurred because you pushed the joystick in too hard, or pulled it out too much so that it doesn’t center.
Easy Fix: For this particular controller, you can just pull out the joystick (or push back in the joystick depending on the problem) and it should return back to its neutral position. It is actually pretty cool that you can just do that. Also, if that doesn’t work, they may be some dust particles or something that is blocking the joystick from recentering.
Problem: Button is always engaged:
Again, this is also an extremely common problem for every controller, official xbox controllers, official playstation controllers, official wii u controllers. Every controller out there and there are thousands of youtube videos that solve this problem. You might have pressed the button too hard and it gets stuck.
Easy Fix: There is probably some dirt or some particle causing the button to get stuck. You can also just use tweezers or something to pull the button out  (or open up the controller which is pretty easy to do). Also, you might try resyncing the controller after you pull the button out.
Problem: Doesn’t work with Minecraft (or other game):
Minecraft is definitely an exception because Pro controllers should work, but the game has a bug that causes third party Pro controllers to go out of whack when playing, weird, but hopefully it just gets updated and fixed. All other games are definitely your fault because you should check game compatibility before purchasing the controller. Obviously Pro controllers don’t work with Mario Party, you need motion controllers.
Easy Fix: Look at game compatibility before purchasing controllers. There are atleast 5 types of controllers for the Wii U: gamepad, wiimotes, wiimotes with motion, classic controllers, and pro controllers. There are also those game specific ones like the balance board and such. All controllers don’t work with all games on the Wii U so be sure to research before purchasing because that is all your fault.

As stated earlier, a MAJORITY of these problems is psychology of people when buying cheaper things because they just automatically blame the controller and not look up solutions or why the problem happened. If people just do a simple google search, you will find that thousands of people have the same problem even with official controllers have the same problem, so you lucked out by saving some money. Also, there are thousands of fixes for these problems as these are regular controller problems, nothing out of the ordinary. If the fixes don’t help, you might have gotten a truly defective controller, so you should return it. Defects happen with every controller so don’t worry, Amazon has a good return policy.

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