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Vonshef Stainless Steel 1050W Espresso Coffee Maker Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: This espresso machine is legit and definitely comparable to those higher priced espresso makers! It comes with everything that you need to make espresso (besides coffee and the cup ofcoarse) and with a little bit of practice, you can make great tasting espresso’s, cappuccino’s, latte’s and your other fancy coffee drinks! It has a 15 bar pump, warming plate, removable water reservoir, steaming wand, single/double cup reusable filter, detachable drip tray, and a free coffee measuring cup/tamper.


  • Coffee/espresso quality- I will have to admit that this is the first time using an espresso machine and that I originally used those Keurig K-cup coffees or usually bought out coffee so the machine takes a lot of getting used to. It is definitely more work then using K-cups and it all takes practice, however, the result is definitely worth it! The coffee/espresso quality was great, a major upgrade from K-cups! There is just a world of a difference between freshly ground and prepared espresso, then those prepackaged coffee grounds. The temperature of the espresso was good and the quality was great! Not super professional coffee shop taste (as I am no expert so that does affect the taste), but close. Good amount of crema and flavor out of the coffee!
  • Steam Wand- This espresso machine has a built-in steam wand (like a majority of semi-automatic espresso machines) and it is used to create the foam that you put on top of cappuccino’s or latte’s. The steam wand also takes a bit of getting used to, but it does work great. There is an adjustable knob to adjust how much steam is released and you just put your cold milk under the steam wand, turn it on, steam it for a bit, and wala! you have your foamy milk!
  • Overall build quality of the machine- I would say the machine is pretty well built with the stainless steel, modern design exterior. It is pretty compact (which is good) because my kitchen shelf space is getting pretty low and it is not too heavy, just a good amount of weight.
  • Single or double cup filters- The portafilter is big enough to accomadate two shots of espresso so you can make two cups at once or just one bigger cup of cappuccino. You just put less espresso grind in the filter to make a single cup. Also, the filter is reusable which it should be!
  • Large, detachable water reservoir – The water reservoir is detachable and has a capacity of 1.5L which is a pretty good amount!
  • Detachable Drip Tray- This makes clean up a breeze because both the drip trays on the bottom are detachable
  • Cup Warming Plate- There is a cup warming plate on the top of the espresso machine, so if you put your cup on top of the espresso machine, it heats up a little. It doesn’t make your cup extremely hot, just warms it up a bit. Pretty neat because a hot cup is necessary for espresso.
  • Top shelf Dishwasher safe- this is also a great touch when you need to clean out the portafilter!
  • Free coffee measuring scoop and tamper- This is a great bonus because you need a tamper to use any espresso machine and this one has a coffee measuring scoop on the other side so you can properly measure out your coffee.
  • Portafilter Stopper- The portafilter is two pieces so if you turn it upside down, the actual filter piece comes out and one unique/neat thing I noticed is that the portafilter has a little plastic device thingy that if you raise it up, it prevents the filter from falling out even if you turn it upside down. I posted a picture of it so its more clear!
  • Price- The price on this espresso machine is phenomenal! Espresso machines are super expensive and the price on this one is great and the quality is comparable to the more expensive machines as well!


  • No noteable cons for me, however, I do want to point out a couple things! The espresso machine can’t accomodate large cups, only smaller sized cups. Espresso is meant to be small anyways so this may seem like a no brainer, but definitely worth pointing out. I think you can remove the drip trays to accommodate the bigger cups, but I don’t really want to do that as I still want the drip tray.
  • Another thing I wanted to point out was that you do need experience to make good drinks in this or any other espresso machine. I will admit, my first time I tried using it, even though I watched like hours of youtube tutorials, I guess I didn’t tamp down the coffee hard enough, and I didn’t lock the portafilter all the way, the coffee actually started coming out from the sides of the machine  = total fail! 🙁 It was totally my fault though because the next time I did it, it worked flawlessly
  • Last thing is that since the buttons are pushed and black, you may sometimes forget that you pressed a button as there is a separate button for steaming and a separate button for espresso. So just be careful about the button pressing!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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