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Magnetic Screen Door Review – Habitual Reviews

This screen door is the best screen door that I have seen/used. All of the magnetic screen doors use the same quality mesh and almost the same magnets that seamlessly close. However, what sets this screen door apart from the competition is that it is stuck completely to the wall aka there are no open points of entry for bugs and flies.
What makes this so special is because mostly all other screen doors I have seen have gaps on the side and the top that allow small bugs and flies to sometimes fly through which is extremely annoying because it is excruciatingly hard to get those flies out or kill them. This screen door is stuck to door completely, without any gaps or anything so no more flies coming through the sides or top.
If you don’t have a screen door, it is great for keeping out bugs, increasing shade in your room, and is really easy for entry and exit because it automatically closes behind you! It’s always pretty cool walking through and the screen door automatically closing behind you! You just feel like such a boss! I put this around my room because I hateeeee bugs and flies so this does a great job of keeping them out. Haven’t seen them ever since I installed this. Speaking of installation, it is super easy to install. Not complicated or anything. Overall, great screen door! Definitely recommend!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review

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