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USPRO Crystal Case for Wii U Gamepad Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: This case does a great job of protecting the Wii U Gamepad and since it is clear, it has a great aesthetic appeal and all of the buttons and ports are accessible.


  • Open ports- Even with this gamepad cover on, all of the buttons and ports are easily accessible except the sync button, however, that shouldn’t be an issue because your gamepad should already be synced to the Wii U. Even the charging port is open and can be charged with the regular gamepad charged cable even with the case on. I think what people meant when they said that they can’t charge it is that you can’t charge it with one of those charging stands where you have to put the gamepad on it. I don’t have a charging stand so I couldn’t test it. Even the battery can be removed with the case on because there is an open flap in the back.
  • Aesthetic appeal- the clear case really makes the gamepad still have its aesthetic appeal.
  • Open circle for the buttons- I wanted to point this out specifically because it has a big open circle for the four main buttons which makes the gamepad still comfortable while playing.
  • Easy to open and close clasps on the case.


  • Couldn’t really think of any for me. The only things worth mentioning is the sync button being covered and that it might not work on your charging pad, however, it is still chargeable with the regular charging cable.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

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