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Clear Iphone-5/6 Light Up Charging Cable Luminescent Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: This light-up lightning cable has a great color changing scheme, is pretty thick cable, but am just scared it will stop working after a couple weeks like my last light up cable!


  • Color Changing Scheme- what sets this cable apart from the rest is that it changes colors unlike most cables which only have a specific color or two! The USB port and the lightning port don’t sync in there colors which makes it a million times better because the USB port might be shining blue while the lightning port might be shining green or numerous other colors such as light blue, blue, red, or purple.
  • Lights- The main lights which are the brightest part of the cable are in the USB port and the lightning port. The middle of the cable has litter glitters of lights which looks extremely cool when the two ends are different colors because the two colors glitter in the middle. This is different then other light-up cables which either just have a light coating throughout the cable, or have some kind of repeating design. The lights are definitely kind of bright at night which makes it perfect for the car because you don’t have to struggle to plug in your phone because you can’t see, this phone illuminates the phone plug!
  • Length- The length is a standard 1 meter length which is perfect for a car which is where i mainly use this cable.
  • Fully functional- This cable is fully functional for all of your charging and syncing needs for the iPhone 5 and above.


  • The last light-up cable that I owned stopped working after a couple of weeks which was really sad, but hopefully this one doesn’t

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

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