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Zlyc Men’s Novelty Design Automatic Mechanical Wrist Watch – Habitual Reviews

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Overall: This watch is awesome!!! It’s now my everyday watch and is perfect for my formal occasions! It has a super unique design, very classy, and even has a minute repeater, a tourbillion wheel!


  • Super Unique Design and looks very classy- As you can tell from just looking at the watch, the design is very unique and really sets you apart from the crown. This watch really stands out  and is perfect for any formal event! It really does look better in person as compared to the pictures.
  • Automatic Mechanical- So if you don’t know, the movement of this watch is automatic mechanical which means that is powered by your natural hand movement. So the watch starts working when you wear it. You only have to wind it once and set the calendar once when you first get the watch and then as long as you wear it often, the watch will keep time. I haven’t fully tested how long it works without everyday wearing because I have been wearing it everyday, but I haven’t wore it for two days and it is still keeping time perfectly!
  • Calendar- There is a calendar built in to the watch. I had trouble finding how to set the calendar, but all you have to do is pass the “12 o clock” twice and it will change dates automatically. Great addition to the watch
  • Minute Repeater- I didn’t realize this from the pictures, but in the middle of the open two wheels at the 9 o clock position, there is a minute repeater which I didn’t even think was possible for a watch in this price range! Minute repeaters are in some super expensive watches so this is definitely awesome and a great surprise!!
  • Tourbillion wheel- The main reason this watch is super cool is the spinning tourbillion wheel which is the bottom of the two open wheels. If you don’t know what a tourbillion wheel is, it spins while the watch is working so it looks really cool and really catches the eyes of other people. Tourbillion wheels are also usually only found in expensive watches so it is amazing that this watch has both of these amazing features! Just as an fyi, the top of the two open wheels doesn’t spin, only the bottom wheel spins but still adds to the design of this watch!
  • Stainless steel back and genuine leather strap. The leather feels nice, stitching is nice and doesn’t have any flaws.
  • Water resistant- I didn’t test this, but great addition.
  • Comes in a case which looks pretty nice.


  • Loud ticking- this can be a pro and a con. The ticking isn’t abnormally loud, but it is kind of loud, as soon as I bring it up to my shoulder, I can hear it. This may affect some people’s decision so I wanted to point that out.

Sorry about the pictures: I forgot to take the tags off in my pictures so there’s a plastic seal over the tourbillion wheel
*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

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