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AGPtek Aqua Glow Floating Disco Light Review – Habitual Reviews

This floating ball is perfect for any pool, bath, or even as a nightlight with all of the cool light effects it emits. I was kind of hesitant using this product based on the previous reviews, however, there wasn’t anything to worry about.
The installation of the ball was simple enough. All you have to do is unscrew three bolts, insert 3 AAA batteries, and screw the bolts again. The ball also comes with a weighted balance which you attach to the bottom of the ball so that when you put it in the water, even if you put it head first, which makes the ball upright. The ball also has a watertight seal so that water doesn’t get in.
The disco lamp also has 5 great patterns with great colors ( I can’t really describe them and pictures don’t do them justice) using the 4 led lights (red, blue, green, and yellow). I used it in the pool and it really lit it up and perfect for parties or just to make your pool look a million times cooler. I even tried putting in the ball/lamp the opposite way (headfirst with the batteries side) while lighted to check if water would short-circuit the batteries, however, the weighted balance just pushed the lamp upright with the lamp still working. I tried submerging it a bit by putting halves of the lamp fully in the water, and turning it upside in the water, but the lamp was still working perfectly. No water snuck into the batteries chamber and there was no short-circuiting. Maybe prolonged exposure in the water will short-circuit the lamp, or if someone didn’t tighten the screws tight enough, or if someone loosened the head of the lamp. However, using the disco lamp properly works with nothing to worry about.
I also used it as a nightlamp and it works really well. Really lights up the whole room and perfect for children. I like the auto-shutoff feature which automatically shuts it off after an hour which makes it ideal for a nightlamp, or if you forget to turn it off. The lamp also is perfect for baths. I even tried it in the sink filled with water and it still looked cool and worked perfectly with the disco effect.
Overall, I really like this disco ball/lamp, great light patterns, perfect for pools, baths, or even as a nightlight.
* I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review
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