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RIF6 RF00043 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Headphone Review – Habitual Reviews

Overall: Pretty awesome headphones! They are super comfortable, have great sound, and are perfect for TV or stereo, or just to use as regular headphones, and best of all, they are rechargeable and the charge lasts about 20 hours!


  • Perfect for TV’s- What sets this headphone apart from all of the other ones are the wireless transmitter that allows you to listen to your favorite TV shows wirelessly as you are cleaning your house or just don’t want to disrupt the other family members in your house. This comes with an RCA cable which is a 3.5mm output that splits to the Red and White Audio cables that you see on your TV. You plug in the Red and White to the receiver and can plug in the 3.5mm output to any audio outlet such as your phone, your laptop, or you can just directly plug in the Red and White Audio cables from your cable box directly into the wireless transmitter.
  • Stereo capability- This headphone also comes with a 3.5mm-6.3mm stereo plug. I don’t have a stereo so I couldn’t test it, but the headphone has been working perfectly with all other things so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with that.
  • Sound- I am no audiophile and haven’t tried any of those super high-end headphones, but have tried all of the regular headphones and even numerous gaming headphones and I think these have very good quality sound and the best out of the ones I have tried especially for the price.
  • Comfortable- I was wearing these headphones for quite a while and they were pretty comfortable. These cover your whole ears and they don’t put an excruciating amount of pressure onto your ears like a majority of other headphones.
  • Build Quality- These headphones look very well-built and seem like they will last quite a while.
  • Regular Headphone Use- You can use these headphones like regular headphones because these also come with a regular 3.5mm-3.5mm direct line-in cable.
  • RECHARGEABLE- That is pretty awesome that these headphones come with rechargeable batteries and that you can just recharge the headphones by putting it on the transmitter. I haven’t gotten to fully test how long it lasts, but it has lasted me a pretty good while on one full charge. It says 20 hours which is incredible!!!
  • Distance- You can put the transmitter up to 100ft away from the headphones and you will still be bale to hear quality sound. I tried placing it on the other side of the house and I still got quality sound like the TV was right in my room!
  • Not Noise Isolating- You can still hear yourself snap your fingers when you put these headphones on (with reasonable volume). For some people that might be a benefit, while for some people that may be a negative.
  • Great for games, but not for chatting- You can use these headphones and plug them into your TV to get a wireless gaming headset. However, these headsets don’t have a microphone so you won’t be able to talk if you’re playing online.


  • Only works with TV with the White and Red Audio Cables-One of the best parts about this headphone is the compatibility with the TV. However, if you lost the the White and Red Audio Cables that come with your cable box (because you normally just use the HDMI with your cable box), then the only other option for you is to plug in the RCA cable into the headphone jack on your TV (most TV’s have one, but mine didn’t). However, if don’t have a headphone jack in your TV and you lost the White and Red Audio Cables, then you’re out of luck and have to buy the White and Red Audio Cables. This isn’t too bad because you should generally have those cables and they are pretty easy to find.
  • No Mic- These headphones don’t have a built-in microphone.
  • No Bluetooth- These don’t really need bluetooth because they have the transmitter.
  • Portability- These headphones are not every portable because you will have to carry around the transmitter, unless you use them just as regular wired headphones.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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7 Responses

    • SaRe

      Yeah so you’re audio outputs are still probably connected to the audio coming from the headset receiver. You would have to unplug the wires from the headset receiver and plug them back into the TV so that sound can come from the TV.

  1. Shirley Baucom

    How do you contact them for problems?? We bought a set for my husbands birthday last week, charged then 6 hours as it said then they worked for a night but the next day after charging overnight the right side didn’t come on now neither side works..

    • SaRe

      Dang that sucks! On their amazon listing, click on the “RIF6” hyperlink under where it says “In Stock”. It should show every item they are selling. Click on “Detailed Seller Information” and then click on “RIF6 Customer Service”. That’s how it is for mostly every product on Amazon btw


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